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    Hostel Facilities

    The college liases with property owners to provide accommodation facilities which are three minutes walk from the campus.

    Options for accommodation include 1-in a room, 2 in a room and 4 in a room options with the availability of electricity, water and in some places internet access. The facilities are located at various places near the main ACM campus (< 10 kilometres).

    Prices range from GHC 9,000 to GHC 15,000 for a year depending on the facility and the location.

    There are also apartments located around the main ACM campus which Students can also opt for. These are either one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments with shared utilities and amenities. Prices range from GHC 9,000.00 to GHC 20,000.00 a year.

    Hostel Reservation Form

    Please fill in all the fields to make a reservation for accommodation.The Facility Management team will contact you with further details soon.Thank you.

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